Why Matdet?

The most affordable Thai boxing private training gym in Bangkok.

One-on-one personal training can be expensive. At Matdet Muay Thai Gym, our goal was to offer affordable private training in Bangkok that allows anyone to have one-on-one instruction. We believe private instruction is not only more effective than group boxing classes, but more fun as well. Additionally, no more than six class per hour are scheduled meaning less distractions and more privacy.

We are one of the most affordable Thai boxing private training gyms in Bangkok. Our one-on-one boxing sessions cost anywhere from 200 to 500 baht depending on the package you select.

Why choose affordable private training in Bangkok:

For advance-level members, our trainer will help guide you through a series of defensive drills and exercises. You can focus on your fitness goal

For beginner-level members, boxing is a highly technical sport, and you will start by learning the fundamentals. This helps prevent injury and allows you to improve your technique

What to expect from your private training session?

Your session will start off with some light stretching and calisthenics to get your blood flowing. From there, your trainer will work you through a series of rounds. You will perform various strikes and combinations with guidance from your trainer during each round. In between the rounds is a rest period where you can catch your breath and get some water

This means no two workouts are the same. Trainers change up the structure of each training session and you constantly have the chance to learn new moves and combinations. We also recommend working with different boxers to learn even more new moves and techniques.

Unlike group classes which are rigid and stick to the same routine, affordable private training in Bangkok from Matdet Muay Thai Gym is always new and interesting. The end result is a workout that kicks butt and kicks your butt.

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